Microsoft soon Merge Various Offices Apps in One Application

For  Microsoft Office application users on the mobile platform, maybe you find quite a lot of obstacles when using the application, starting from the number of applications available (word, excel, powerpoint separated like on a PC), not to mention its large size.

Well, it is from this that Microsoft wants to make Office for mobile so much simpler and easier to access by its users. Instead of having to download these applications one by one, they plan to combine various Office applications in one application (for now only confirmed Word, Excel and Powerpoint).

In addition, Microsoft also promises that later in this application there is a kind of feature that allows users to convert photos into documents in Word, or statistics tables into documents in Excel and others.

It is not yet known exactly when the update will be rolled out by Microsoft, but because they are still continuing testing it is likely that it will still take a while for this application to be available on the Play Store.  

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