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What is the Google Play Pass?

A few months ago, Google announced their game service called Stadia. Well, the service contains AAA quality games, but without the need for a powerful device because you only need to stream to be able to play the game.

Recently, Google re-launched a new service called Play Pass. This service has a concept similar to Apple Arcade, but with even more attractive offers! 

I wonder what exactly is this Google Play Pass and what are the advantages? The following are the full details!

As we mentioned earlier, the Google Play Pass is a new service from Google. This service is similar to "Apple Arcade" which is a subscription-based game service for Apple devices (iPhone, Apple TV and Mac following), but Google offers applications also in the Play Pass service.

If totaled, there are more than 350 applications and games that can be accessed with the Play Pass without advertising interruptions, or in-app purchases, as well as other additional costs and the amount will continue to increase over time. Some applications and also games that are currently available in the Play Pass include Acuweather, Lichtspeer, Monument Valley, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Stardew Valley.
Interestingly, this Google Play Pass service can be accessed by up to six family members individually. That means, your family members can still download and use the application with their own account and for the price issue, this service is priced slightly cheaper than Apple Arcade which starts from $ 1.99 or around Rs 134 per month for a year and then Users will be charged the same rate as Apple Arcade, starting at $ 4.99.
Unfortunately, this service is only available in the United States, but Google promised that it would immediately bring Play Pass service to more countries in the near future.


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