the Black Shark Theme that Can Be Installed on Xiaomi Devices!

Through its gaming smartphone sub-brand, Black Shark, Xiaomi has launched two new smartphones in 2019, which includes Black Shark 2 and Black Shark 2 Pro.

Present as gaming smartphones, of course, these two new smartphones take a lot of attention, especially for users of Xiaomi devices or what are commonly called Mi Fans.

Not only because of the specifications of the monsters it carries, ranging from Qualcomm premium chipsets , large RAM capacity and internal memory, to responsive screen support, but also because of the design.

Therefore, many users are inspired to make their smartphone display look like the Black Shark design, which is full of black with a bright green accent.

The good news, especially for Mi Fans, you can now change the look of your Xiaomi smartphone like Black Shark more easily because some creators have made it for you.

Well, for those who don't know, here are two Black Shark themes that you can install on Xiaomi devices.

Black Shark theme on Xiaomi

1. Black Shark Green Leather

Adopting the Black Shark design, this one theme also carries a dominant black color with green accents as its appearance. This theme breaks through the status bar, lockscreen, charging style, messages, icons, to special effects.

This theme can be downloaded via the following page .

2. Shark
Oranges' creation can also be another alternative with its black and green theme. In addition, just like Black Shark Green Leather, this theme also supports many views, from the status bar, dial pad, messages, to the basic icons.

For those who are interested can download the Shark theme through the following page.

In order to download the two Black Shark themes above, you need to pay attention to a few things to be applied. First, before visiting the link above, you should change your region and location to India.

In this case, besides changing the location settings on the smartphone to India, you also need to use a trusted VPN so that your device seems to access it from there as well.

Second, after successfully changing the region and location, you also need to use the default Xiaomi browser (Mi Browser) to open the link. If you succeed, the link will throw you into the Theme Store application.

In addition, the two themes are themes for MIUI 10 . Therefore, it is possible that the two themes above do not support your device if you are still using MIUI 9 or earlier.

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