Redmi Note 8 launching on 29 August - Use MediaTek Helio G90 & 64MP Camera!

redmi note 8 pro image

Apparently, yesterday was not the release time of the Redmi Note 8, but only an announcement regarding the release of the Redmi Note 8, which reportedly will take place on 29 August.

There are two variants of the Redmi Note 8 which will be released on August 29th, namely Redmi Note 8 and Redmi Note 8 Pro. Unfortunately the difference is not yet known, it's just that Redmi has confirmed that the phone will come with a 64MP camera and does not have a fingerprint sensor on the screen because the location of the fingerprint sensor is integrated with the camera module.
For more details, you can see the following poster:
redmi note 8 price poster features

Not only Redmi, a well-known smartphone chip maker, MediaTek, also confirmed something interesting, they said that the Redmi Note 8 series will use its newest gaming chipset, the MediaTek Helio G90 / Helio G90T and this is in line with what Redmi said some time ago.
So, for more complete information, let's look forward to it together when the release of the Redmi Note 8 takes place on the 29th of August.

latest leaked images of redmi note 8

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