How to Make a smartphone Gaming Keyboard RGB, Easy & Free!

Do you like cool and aggressive colored keyboards? Or want to have an RGB keyboard ?
The keyboard is one of the most important devices on a smart device. Not only used on PCs, this device is also used on smartphones.

Although the form is a digital display, but the keyboard key structure used is the same as a PC, namely QWERTY. The difference is, you can adjust the keyboard color design to your heart's content.

If you want your smartphone keyboard to look more aggressive and cool, the RGB feature is one solution. But, how do you make the keyboard RGB?Relax, here we gives a way that you can follow easily and for free!

How to Turn an smartphone Keyboard into an RGB Gaming!

Keyboard or keyboard is a board consisting of letters and numbers keys. The types of keyboards are very diverse which can be divided according to their size and function.

The most commonly used keyboard devices on PCs and smartphone have a sequence of QWERTY-type keys. This sequence of buttons has been around for a long time and continues to be used today.

The difference is in the keyboard features developed such as additional buttons on the side of the keyboard, button technology, and keyboard lighting.

Sophisticated technology and widely used today is a mechanical keyboard with beautiful RGB light features. This can also be applied to the smartphone keyboard.

You can change the color to the arrangement of buttons. You can beautify your smartphone keyboard by using the RGB feature.

How do you change your  smartphone  keyboard to RGB? Check out the way below:

LED Keyboard Lighting application

To change the shape of the smartphone keyboard, you can use the LED Keyboard Lighting application This application will provide a form and sound similar to a keyboard on a PC.

You can even change the typing sound as you wish, from the mechanical keyboard to the sound of gun shots. You can download this keyboard for free on Android.

How to Change the Keyboard Design

Although it's free, the types of keyboards that you can choose are very diverse. If you are confused about how to install this keyboard, follow these easy steps:
Step 1 - Open the LED Keyboard Lighting application and select Enable
Step 2 - Choose Led Keyboard
  • Click the lever in the Led Keyboard column

Step 3 - Select Select and click Keyboard LED
Step 4 - Select the desired keyboard
  • You can choose various types of keyboards. For this type of keyboard with the Ads symbol , you must watch the ad first.

How to Change the Keyboard Sound

Besides changing the keyboard design, you can also change the sound effects on the keyboard . This LED Keyboard Lighting application provides more than 10 types of sounds to choose from.
Replacing it is also easy, you can follow the steps below for the complete way:
Step 1 - Click on Settings in the application
  • You can use the settings in the lower right corner in the form of serrations.
Step 2 - Then click Sound on keypress
Step 3 - Activate Sound on keypress and select sound type

  1. Activate the Sound on keypress lever in the top right corner
By turning on this voice feature, every time you press the button will produce the sound as desired.

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