How to Activate and Use USB OTG on Xiaomi

USB OTG (On-The-Go) is one interesting feature that allows other devices to be read by smartphones easily.

In other words, Flashdrive, USB Keyboard, external HDD, USB Mouse, etc. can be run on a smartphone if the smartphone user has a USB to microUSB or USB to USB Type-C converter cable.

But even in today's Flashdrive microUSB or USB Type-C ports are available to be directly connected OTG to smartphones so it is more practical because it doesn't need a converter cable.

Almost all smartphones made by the latest Xiaomi and previous generations already have this OTG feature. One of the most tangible benefits of using this USB OTG feature is reading data from a flash drive quickly and easily without the hassle of plugging in a data cable to the computer when important data is needed.
You could say how to activate OTG on Xiaomi smartphones is quite easy, where you only need to directly plug the Flashdrive into the Xiaomi smartphone. You can use Flashdrive which already supports ports on a smartphone or use a converter cable.

For that, for those of you who are curious to activate USB OTG on Xiaomi devices, you can directly follow the tutorial as follows.

How to Activate OTG on Xiaomi by Using a Converter Cable
  1. First, you can buy and prepare a converter or adapter cable first
  2. Once available, then you can plug it into a smartphone and Flashdrive
  3. If Flashdrive has been connected correctly, the notification [Name of Flashdrive] plus the word For Transferring Photos and Mediawill appear
  4. You just need to press the notification and it will automatically go directly to the drive or folders on your Flashdrive
  5. Furthermore, you can copy data from Flashdrive to Xiaomi smartphones or vice versa
For the record, the type of converter or adapter cable used will depend on the Xiaomi smartphone port that is owned because it could be a USB to microUSB or USB to USB Type-C port. Meanwhile, if you want to safely remove the Flashdrive from the smartphone, you should press the Eject button on the Flashdrive name notification with the word For Transferring Photos and Media beforehand.

Using Flashdrive with a smartphone-specific port

  1. First, you can buy and prepare a Flashdrive that already has a smartphone-adjusted port (microUSB or USB Type-C)
  2. Furthermore, you can plug the Flashdrive directly into the smartphone port
  3. Then the notification name Flashdrive will appear plus the word For Transferring Photos and Media
  4. To open Flashdrive data, then you can immediately press the notification
  5. After pressing, various files and folders will immediately appear on the smartphone
  6. You can view and copy data from Flashdrive to Xiaomi smartphones or vice versa
You could say using Flashdrive with a special smartphone port is a faster way, but keep in mind this type of Flashdrive usually has a price that is more expensive than regular Flashdrive.
While the advantages of using a converter or adapter cable, you can connect a variety of ordinary Flashdrive to smartphones. Not only that, you can also connect a USB Mouse or USB Keyboard to a smartphone.
For those of you who know other ways to activate USB OTG on this Xiaomi smartphone, you can write it down in the comments column below.

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