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Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browser applications by people today.
Apart from its easy to use application, Google Chrome also provides a variety of features that are very useful for its users,
One of them is the search suggestion feature that is made with the aim to save the time of its users when entering the URL that was visited.
Despite having a positive goal, but not a few who feel disturbed by this feature.
Especially if your gadget is often used by others, this will definitely make it hard for you to have privacy.

How to Get Rid of Suggestions of Searching URLs in Google Chrome on smartphone

So that your privacy is maintained, you can Disable the URL search suggestion feature in Google Chrome.
Well, to get rid of it you can follow the steps from us below.

Step 1 - Open the menu " Settings "

  • The first step you have to do is enter the Settings menu by selecting the dot icon in the top right corner.
  • After that you select the " Settings " .
  • Step 2 - Select " Privacy "

Upon entry into the settings menu, then you select the " Privacy " , 

    • Step 3 - Select " Clear browsing data "

      • The next step you need to do is choose the " Clear browsing data " option located at the bottom.
      • Next, you check only the " Browsing history " option and select the duration of history deletion in the " Time range " menu .
        • If so, then you select the " Clear data " button to start deleting it,
        • Later, the search for URLs in Google Chrome will never appear again,
        Well, besides this method, you can also try other methods that  has explained in detail below, 

        How to Get Rid of Suggestions of Searching URLs in Google Chrome on PC

        Besides being used on mobile phones, the Google Chrome application is also widely used on PC devices, 
        Well, to Disable the search suggestions for URLs on Google Chrome laptops, you can follow some of the following ways .

        Use Shift + Del

        There are several ways you can do to Disable the URL search suggestions, one of which is to delete it using the Shif + Del keyboard shortcut ,This method is the easiest to do even for ordinary people. To do this, you can follow the steps below.

        Step 1 - Type the keywords you want to search

        • First, type the keywords that you want to search in the Google Chrome search field as usual.
        • After that, if the keyword is similar to the history of URLs that have been visited, then the URL search suggestions will appear at the bottom.

        Step 2 - Select the URL suggestion that you want to delete

        • Next, you choose which URL you want to delete by pressing the navigation key (up or down) on the keyboard.
        • If so, then press the Shift key followed by the Del key .
          • After that, the URL suggestions that were successfully deleted won't appear again, 

          Using Browser Extensions

          The next way you can do to Disable the search suggestions for URLs in Google Chrome is to use a browser extension, 
          You can use the browser extension called Click & Clean. Actually, to install the Click & Clean extension in Google Chrome .
          But, for more details, you can follow the steps below.

          Step 1 - Download the browser extension Click & Clean

          • The first step you need to do is to download the Click & Clean extension on the Chrome Web Store .
          • Then select the " Add to Chrome " button . If the download is complete, then select the "Add extension " button .
          • Step 2 - Select settings in the " Clear Private Data " menu

            • If the Click & Clean extension installation process is complete, the icon will appear on the Google Chrome toolbar page The next step is to click the Click & Clean icon , then on the " Clear Private Data " menu choose the settings .
            • Check only the " Clear browsing history " option , then select the Close button .
            • At this point, later if you want to Disable all the URL search suggestions in Google Chrome, you just need to click the " Clear Private Data " button 
            • Done :------

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