How to Open and Extract RAR Files on an Android Smartphone

RAR is one of the file extensions that has been compressed using WinRAR software or applications.
Compared to Zip, this one extension offers better compression capability because it can produce smaller file size compression even though the original file size is almost the same as Zip.
Although this RAR can be opened on a PC or laptop easily using WinRAR software, some people are still confused about how to extract RAR files on a smartphone. For that, for Gadgets who are curious about the method, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Open and Extract RAR Files on an Android Smartphone

  1. First, the you can download and install the RAR application from the Google Play Store
  2. Once installed on a smartphone, the you have to open the application
  3. On the main page of this RAR application, the you  will be faced with a variety of hierarchies of folders and documents
  4. Furthermore, the you can directly search for files with the RAR extension to be extracted
  5. After selecting the RAR extension file that will be opened and extracted,you can choose the Extract menu with the Book logo plus the up arrow at the top of the application
  6. Then, the you can choose where to extract the file on the Extraction Options page
  7. After the file is felt ready to be extracted, then you can immediately press the OK button
  8. Finally, the extracted file will appear in the place specified earlier
You could say this one method is very easy, where Gadgets only need to install the RAR application from the Google Play Store. In addition, this application is trusted because it is directly made by RARLAB, which is the publisher of the win.rar GmbH company itself.

Besides being able to compress files to be smaller, you can also combine several data to be made into one RAR file. Of course this is very practical because the you can get a small RAR compression file, but there are many files in it.
According to WinRAR, the software is able to compress files with 40% compared to their original size. For example, Gadgets have an original file size of 100 MB, so when compressed with an RAR extension it will be 40 MB.
Actually this RAR application can extract compressed files besides the RAR extension, such as Zip GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ, and many more. In other words, Gadgets only need to install the RAR application to extract compressed files with various extensions.
According to us, is RAR the best extension of file compression compared to the others? But if you knows the other extensions, then you can write it in the comments column below.

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