How to Logout/Remove Gmail Account on All OPPO/Realme Phones

Some time ago, many OPPO Android smartphone users were curious about how to log out a Gmail account.
many OPPO Android smartphone users were curious about how to log out a Gmail account.
Usually people log out of Gmail accounts because they have changed smartphones or there are usually problems with previous Gmail accounts. At first glance, this Gmail account is very important for Android smartphone users , including the OPPO brand to be able to download applications from the Google Play Store and enjoy various other Google services.
For this reason, for Gadgets who are curious to log out a Gmail account on a smartphone or OPPO then you can see the following tutorial.

How to Logout Gmail on All OPPO Phones

  1. First, the gadget can open the Settings menu or application on OPPO
  2. On the Settings page , Gadgets can open the Account and Sync menu
  3. In the Account and Sync page , the Gadget can choose the Gmail account that will be issued or logged out
  4. After the Gmail account is selected, then the Gadgets only need to press the Remove button with the trash can
  5. Next, the OPPO will inform various information that will be deleted if the Removebutton is pressed
  6. If the gadget is sure, then the gadget can immediately select the Remove button
  7. Then, the OPPO cell will process and delete the Gmail account

With the removal of the Gmail account, automatically the account that has entered the Google Play Store, Gmail, or other Google services will be issued by the system. Although it has been deleted and issued or logged out, the gadget can re-enter the Gmail account back to the OPPO cellphone.
In addition, Gadgets can also embed other Gmail accounts after the old Gmail account has been issued or logged out. Actually, the gadget itself can embed many Gmail accounts on one OPPO cellphone without having to issue or log out the Gmail account first.
In addition, how to eject or logout is indeed suitable if the Gmail account is in trouble. If the gadget wants to move its account from an unused OPPO cellphone, this tutorial can also help.
In other words, the way to exit or logout Gmail on the OPPO is only by deleting it in the Account and Sync menu. This method is almost the same as other Android smartphones, starting from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Vivo, realm, and many more.
Overall, Gmail accounts themselves are needed by smartphones based on the Android operating system to be able to access the Google Play Store, Google Drive, Gmail, and other Google services.

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