How to Hide Applications in Vivo smartphone Easily Using the Launcher Application

Are you a vivo smartphone user who is confused how to hide the application on your smartphoneWant to know the easiest way to hide applications in  vivo smartphone?
To maintain the privacy and security of important data on your smartphone, there are several things you can do starting from locking the smartphone folder to hiding the application.
For you  vivo smartphone users, you must be confused, how do you hide applications on this smartphoneActually the way is not difficult !
For those of you who are still confused, we will tell you how to easily hide applications in your  vivo smartphone and 100% works !

How to hide applications in vivo smartphone

The feature of hiding applications in  vivo smartphone is now no longer possible, except using the latest version of the third party FunTouch operating system application , no longer supports this feature.
One easy solution to hide apps is to use a Launcher application that you can search for on the Google Play Store.
Without further ado, see tips from us on how to easily hide applications in vivo smartphoneThis tutorial has succeeded. Try it yourself by using vivo V9 Pro.

1. Use the Apex Launcher application

The first application that we recommends that an application in your vivo smartphone can hide is Apex Launcher. This application is famous for multifunction.

Step 1 - Download and Install the Apex Launcher Application

Step 2 - Open the Apex Launcher Application

  • Look for the Apex Launcher icon that you can find inside your vivo smartphone homescreen, then click the Apex Launcher icon .
  • After entering the Apex Launcher application, you can customize the appearance of your homescreen to your heart's content by adjusting the options provided.
  • If you want to go straight in without setting the display options first, you can choose the Skip button .
    • You will be given an offer to buy Apex Launcher Pro to get an ad-free version and other premium features, select Skip to use the free version of Apex Launcher .
    • When you have activated Apex Launcher, the homescreen on your vivo smartphone will change according to your previous customization.

    Step 3 - Organize the Application with Apex Menu

    • The next thing you have to do to hide the application is to look for the Apex Menu icon on your  vivo smartphone homescreen
    • There are several menu options that will appear on the screen. Select Hidden Apps for hiding application options.

    Step 4 - Hiding the Application

    • After selecting the Hidden Apps option , a display will appear to add the application you want to hide
    • Select Add Hidden Apps to select the application you want to hide.
    • After selecting the desired application by giving a check list, click the Hide App button located at the bottom right to hide the application.

    Step 5 - Finish

    Your chosen application has been successfully hidden. Other people cannot find the application that you have hidden.

    How to Restore Applications that have been hidden with Apex Launcher

    If we had already explained how to hide applications in  vivo  smartphonewith Apex Launcher, now we will also notify you about how to restore the application.

    Step 1 - Open the Apex Menu Application

    • Click the Apex Menu icon on the homescreen, then select Hidden Apps .

    Step 2 - Restore the Hidden Application

    • You will find an application that you hide in the Hidden Apps menu
    • Click the Unhide button to restore the application that you have hidden.

    Step 3 - Finish

    The application that you are hiding has now appeared again on your vivo smartphone homescreen.

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