Fix: Unfortunately, The Contact Has Stopped An Error

Unfortunately, the contact has stopped showing errors. Most of this problem stems from the cache that Google stores on local storage to speed up the download process from Google's servers and to reduce the burden or when the second application / setting becomes incompatible. This particular problem is specifically related to Google+ . 

Errors are usually filled when the server and device are out of sync, for example if something has been updated on the server but the cellphone is still searching for local storage (cache).

Steps to correct unfortunately, the contact has stopped

1. On your Android Device, open Settings .
2. Select Application then ALL (by swiping right)
3. Search Google+ and open it.
4. Tap or click Uninstall Updates, then Select Disable .
Restart your mobile and contacts must now start functioning.
One of the methods above must fix this for you. If nothing works, reset to factory default is required. Make sure you back up data to Google by synchronizing.


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