NO CHEAT! 5 Sophisticated PUBG Mobile Applications, Chicken Dinner Is So Easy!

All PUBG Mobile players certainly hope to get chicken dinner at the end of each match.
Unfortunately, it's not easy to do it. It takes the right ability and luck to win.
To increase the likelihood of winning, you have to install 5 advanced PUBG Mobile applications that we recommends, gang! NO CHEAT!

5 Advanced PUBG Mobile Applications

What do you mean, anyway, sophisticated PUBG Mobile? Our character turns into a strong Gundam robot ? No, gang!
What is meant to improve here is to make PUBG games on your mobile run smoothly without lag .
Not only that, there are also applications that share tips about PUBG, including the locations of weapons and other equipment.
So, what are the applications?

1. Graphics Optimizer for PUBG

Graphic optimizer pubg

What makes you upset when playing PUBG is when your cellphone lags . This is common in some phones with specifications below average.
To overcome this problem, you can simply install the Graphics Optimizer for PUBG application , gang!
With this application, you will get an optimization of the appearance of the game that is tailored to the cellphone you are using.
You do not need to be complicated with confusing numbers of settings, because everything has been set automatically by this application. Mantul, right?

2. Battle Buddy Battlegrounds

Pubg mobile

You often feel confused about using weapons and what attachments are right to use?
Try this Battlegrounds Battle Buddyapplication This application will provide super complete information regarding the world of PUBG Mobile.
Starting from tips on playing pro style , weapons hurt to kill opponents, to the best landing location.
This application is not only suitable for beginners. Even those who have been playing for a long time can use this application to improve their abilities.

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