7 Ways to Overcome Google Play Services Stopped | Fast and Easy!

Are you having problems with Google Play services on your cellphone?

For Android users, it's no stranger to Google Play which is used to download all kinds of important applications.
However, what happens if Google Play services experience problems and cannot operate properly?
Surely you will not be able to download new applications or update applications again. This will be very annoying for Android users.
However, you don't have to worry because Jaka has an easy way to overcome the stalled Google Play services. Come on, see the full way!

The Way to Overcome Google Play Services is Stopped, Use the Right Steps!

Google Play is a digital content service developed by Google for device users with the Android operating system.
This service also provides various types of products such as music, books, games, and more. Accessing it is easy because it is also available on the web and Google TV.
Google Play was first released to the public in 2008 with more than 400 thousand applications ready for download.
Now, Google Play is growing and becoming very important on Android devices. This service is also one of the system applications that you cannot delete.

However, Google Play services sometimes experience problems with a number of devices with diverse causes.

Causes of Google Play Services Stopped

The problem most often experienced by Android users is 'Google Play Service has stopped' which is written in a short notification.
If this happens, you cannot access Google Play services. Means that all application updates cannot be done.
Doesn't it annoy you?
This can occur due to several causes depending on what device you are using . Quoted from Android Pit, here are the causes:

  • Incorrect time and date settings, you must set the time in the device to be automatic.
  • Problematic internet connection.crash on the Google Play service has occurred .
Of course other causes can occur on your device so that the Google Play service cannot run correctly.
Following are the ways to resolve Google Play services stopped, more:

1. Remove Google Play Cache

Cache is a temporary stored data that will help you to re-enter the previous page without having to reload.
However, sometimes this cache can be the problem, so you have to delete it . The method is quite easy.

Step 1 - Enter the Google Play Store application settings

  • Enter the Settings page on the HP, then select Apps . Select Google Play Store .

Step 2 - Remove Cache 

*Select Storage , then click Clear Cache .

Try reopening the Google Play application on your mobile. If it still can't, use the next method.

2. Delete Google Play Data

Next is to delete Google Play data on your cellphone . This will cause all data stored in Google Play to be deleted.
However, the Google Play application remains installed on your mobile. The way to delete it is quite easy, you just follow the steps to delete cache .
However, this time select 'Clear Data' in the storage settings Then, reopen your Google Play and download or update the application again.

After the update is complete, the Google Play service should be used again.

3. Reset Google Account

If the problem of Google Play service is still stubborn and still does not want to work in your cellphone, then the next way is to reset the account .
The methods are as follows:

Step 1 - Enter Account settings

  • Account settings are in the settings on your cellphone.

Step 2 - Select your Google account, then Remove Account

By deleting a Google account, all applications connected to your Google account will also be reset.
To re-enter the account, you just select Add Account in the Account settings on your cellphone.

4. Force Stop Google Play

The next way is Force Stop Google Play , but this method is quite vulnerable to your Google Play. By choosing this method, you will forcefully close the Google Play service.
Whatever is being done by Google Play will be stopped forcibly. Force Stop is on the Google Play application page like when removing Cache.

5. Download Google Play Updates

The other method is quite trivial but you may often ignore it, namely by updating your Google Play application to a newer version .
You can do this by turning on the auto updateapplication, so Google Play won't miss the version.
To turn on the auto update of this application, you can set it in the Google Play application in the following ways:

Step 1 - Open settings in the Google Play application

  • Settings can be found in the Google Play application, then click three strips in the top left corner. Click Settings .

Step 2 - Turn on Auto Update

  • Choose Auto-update apps, then choose between Over Wi-Fi only or Over any network .

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