15 Best 2019 Android Keyboard Applications

To chat , type messages or various other purposes, of course you need a keyboard on your Android phone .
Well have you ever been bored with the default keyboard display provided?
Surely never! So this time we
will recommend the best Android keyboard application 2019 that you can download for free below guys .

The Best Recommended Android Keyboard Application in 2019!

using keyboardapplication from a third party you can do various customizations and variations. Starting from changing themes and so on.
If you don't believe, you can immediately check the full list of keyboard applications below. Check out!

1. SwiftKey

Swiftkey keyboard

Before the emergence of various other Android keyboard applications, it could be said that SwiftKey is the most sought-after keyboard by most users.
Naturally, this keyboard has various advantages, including the ciamik user interface , accurate auto correct , trace typing to the predictions of each word that is very helpful.
It feels feasible to include SwiftKey in the range of cool keyboard applications , agree?

2. Gboard


Hearing his name, surely you are absolutely sure of the guarantee of the name Google which is the developer of this Android keyboardapplication .
Google Keyboard aka Gboard has a trace typingfeature that makes it very easy to type even with one hand.

3. Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

               Fleksy + GIF Keyboard

Then there is Fleksy + GIF Keyboard. This keyboard application prefers a more simple and automatic design that also makes your typing activity more simple.
One of the advantages is the swipe gesturesfeature , where one can swipe left to delete letters.

4. Swype


Already there since 2002, this keyboardcontinues to innovate and is almost the same as other keyboard applications that you can meet today.
Swype increases the intelligence sensitivity of the keyboard so it is able to read the meaning of the typist even though it's just a simple swipe .

5. TouchPal (Most Popular Emoji)

        TouchPal (Most Popular Emoji)

More than just to type, an application called TouchPal turns out to have several other advantages. This application also turned out to be able to be used to play games .
In addition, this keyboard can also be modified using several theme choices and has a special keyboard section , including also to make animated GIFs.

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