Clash of Kings cok mod v1.0.6 private server

10X Purchase, 5X Drops ,5X Resource out put, 5X Collection Speed, Extra Daily gifts.

P.S. General gifts package 10X ,Special gift packages such as moon CARDS are 2X~5X. The daily gift package will be increased according to the total amount of recharge

 Battle kings, fight enemies, conquer kingdoms & build an army with real time PVP strategy in CoK, an epic SLG war game.

 Conquer kingdoms in the epic war game that pits your army against friends and enemies from all around the world. With 4 new civilizations and a new Popularity ranking feature, Clash of Kings has even more PVP territory to explore and conquer!

 Download Clash of Kings and experience the fantasy world of PVP medieval combat.

 Top 5 Reasons to Download Clash of Kings:
1. Build a kingdom, upgrade defenses, customise armies and collect resources with RTS
2. Wage war and play PVP against thousands of players in real time MMO battles
3. Navigate the massive fantasy world with tactical MMORPG gameplay
4. Build strategic alliances with other lords and leaders across the CoK world
5. Four new civilizations and the new Popularity feature offer even more PVP gameplay

 Join thousands of other clans in a massive PVP war for control over the kingdoms. Build up your army and shore up your defences with upgrades to your castle and army barracks to withstand even the most powerful PVE attack. Use tactical, strategic MMORPG gameplay to prevent a siege, battle enemies and manage your city°Øs resources to become one of the most powerful lords in the Clash of Kings realm.

 Strengthen control over your kingdoms by building farms and sawmills to gain resources for your army. Build and maintain alliances with other leaders and fight using real time battle strategy.

 Explore the new civilizations of Dragonborn, Viking, Yamato and Chinese. With new heroes each with their own specialties battling it out in the ancient valley, these battle-tested warriors are ready for PVP combat within the ever expanding CoK fantasy world.

 Download Clash of Kings, battle enemies for top billing in the Popularity feature and take control of the realm in this epic MMO PVP war!

Gift for the Lords

Gold*2000 ,10K Food*60, 30K Food*15, 10K Wood*60, 30KWood*20, Blessing*10

How to use

Enter the game 2.Click customer service(A bulletin board in front of the castle) 3.input Gifts Code 4.Click Get Gifts 5.Check items in in-game mails and your bag


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