Pubg mobile lite sever busy problem here how to fix December 2019

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In article I shared a trick how play pubg mobile liye globally we all know that pubg mobile lite available only in philippines.we we use dns changer to play pubg mobile lite. Now dns changer also not working after update .

How to download pubg mobile lite

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Pubg mobile lite not available on Play Store for outside Philippines. So you can't download pubg mobile lite from play store. So you have to download pubg mobile lite from third partiy app Store like ac market ,apk pure .

How to fix pubg mobile lite server busy problem

For fixing these problems you have to use some vpn like ufo, dns changer or any other which phiPhilippi server's.

Download pubg mobile lite

Download ufo vpn

Now open pubg mobile lite you see server busy

Here how to fix
Open download UFO vpn (if not downloaded download to fix this problem)
Click on choose location
Select Philippines

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Connect to Philippines secer and open pubg.

Enjoy pubg mobile lite your problem will fixed.

If your are using dns changer try these ip address

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