Download Pixel 3 Live Wallpaper for Android Marshmallow to the Top

Actually, live wallpapers from Google are only available exclusively for the Pixel series. But as usual the contribution from the developer XDA successfully porting the live wallpaper to the Android Marshmallow version (6.0) and above. The good news is you don't need to root and all kinds of complicated things. Simply install the APK of Pixel 3 Live Wallpapers and Wallpapers by Google from the Play Store .

Here's the link to download the APK of Pixel Live Wallpaper 3:
Remember, download according to your android version. Because if it's wrong you won't be able to install the APK. Also make sure your device has specifications that are quite qualified because there are several live wallpapers that are quite heavy. Also don't forget to download Wallpapers by Google to apply this live wallpaper.
Now, have you used this Pixel 3 Live Wallpaper? Don't forget to share a screenshot of your smartphone home page here!
via xda

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