How to hide applications on your Xiaomi Android phone

A little intermezzo with trends and smartphone hype that is getting bigger in all circles of Indonesian society. Indeed, because of its own time that forces us to move forward, we do not have to always follow the trends, especially the technology field discuss now, namely smartphone. Because it's back again depends on our daily needs. But because it is unavoidable when we are silent and do not follow the technology that is developing we will be a little behind. The food is that we must continue to be forced to move forward or stay up to datethe term is not to lag behind the growing trend. All types of smartphones in Indonesia have emerged, from the low, mid to high class.
Even brands that come from Europe and other Asia, of course, we still remember the phenomenon of the emergence of the Xiaomi brand amidst the onslaught of the Android market in Indonesia, Xiaomi itself has been very booming especially in China, because the brand that is sold is a quality device that has a price quite tilted, even very able to compete with Android smartphone brands like LG, SAMSUNG, HTC, SONY or other brands. It is very attractive for our society, because quality goods that have many adequate features are even different from other Smartphone brands. A small example that distinguishes a Xiaomi cellphone is that the Xiaomi platform itself, such as MIUI, is a feature that is simple, elegant and easy to use.
How to hide applications on your Xiaomi Android phone
Maybe many don't know that in MIUI itself there is a feature that allows us to clone applications, in other words we can install the same application, and run simultaneously. Lots of advantages that we can, with the same application and can run together, this is very useful for those of you who are doing business online, or for other purposes, but sometimes some people also want to be unknown or want the desktop on the smartphone screen to look clean, by the way we hide the application.
The requirement to hide an application on a Xiaomi cellphone is actually very easy, without having to install additional applications we can hide the applications we want. To be able to do this, at least the MIUI OS 8 and above, okay, just go ahead.
First, select the settings menu there is your cellphone.
After that, type in the "invisible app" search column

Then click the invisible app, then the application selection that we want to hide will appear.

After we finish checking the application that we want to hide or hide, then select OK. Until now we have managed to hide the application that we want, for other Android cellphone brands if there is no default application can also be downloaded in the playstore, on the Xiaomi device itself this feature can be used on the following types of cellphones:
Xiaomi redmi 3, redmi 3s, redmi 4, redmi 4s, redmi 4x, redmi note 2, redmi note 3, redmi note 4, and flagship types of xiaomi mi4, mi4s, mi5, mi5s, mi6, and xiaomi mi note, mi note 2, and don't forget MIUI 8 is the only one above that can.

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