How To Easily Upgrade Redmi 5A To MIUI 10 2018

How to get Redmi 5A  for MIUI 10

Take a backup of your all important data because after updating your phone completely wiped out.

1. Get rid of all the pictures that are on Internal Media now, so you can backup as important to the SD card or Memory Card.
2. If you use it with TWRP, it is mandatory for you to use Nоvеrуtу.

How to get a manual for 5A from MIUI 9 to MIUI 10 on Facebook
1. Dоwnlоаd MIUI10 This is 5A and then when the file is on your TV, you can also put it in there, but I recommend it more on Memory because later when I have the file, it will close.
After that it is entered into Settings and then there is a Pause then then System Discussion.
redmi 5a suit

2. In addition to the next update, you will get 3 or less at the top of the corner. Later, some choices will appear. Your friend hasn't chosen Pаkеt Updates and when fully using, you select File.
renewal to 10 this time 5а

3. Even when you are in the elementary school and when you are there, you have an SD card and then select the MIUI 10 ROM that is already in your home or when you turn the OS button on below.
For now I will have 10 of them 5a

4. When you leave Mobile and Update, by choosing this if you like and where you have installed it will be erased and another one that isn't installed, if your password is in your account and the Gооglе account has actually chosen this.
Good day, this is 5 5

Please wait until the update is complete which takes about 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
It's only like the Redmi 5A when you will get to the Samsung Wizard MIUI 10 and it is just that you are enjoying updating the 5A to MIUI 10.
Now the 5A will finally be on the same day as MIUI 10 Android 7.1.2 Notebook and you are now a lot of new structures and the latest look.

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