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How to restore deleted photos | Android, iPhone and PC

Storing photos or pictures on the cell phone is the user's way to capture beautiful memories. Unfortunately, not all smartphones have a large memory capacity . This makes us often delete old photos , ex photos for example . You can also use the Cleaner application to clean the HP memory of files that are not useful. Even so, deleting photos sometimes makes us regret that the memories will not be repeated. Especially if the photo stores historic moments in your life. Good news for you, ! This time we will tell you several ways to restore deleted photos . Curious? Stay tuned, yeah! How to Restore Deleted Photos Easily and 100% WorksActually, photos that you delete from the gallery will not disappear directly from your cellphone or laptop / desktop. There is a temporary storage folder that will hold photos that you have deleted. However, if you have cleared the memory more than once or cleaned the Recycle Bin , the photo will disappear permanently. The method that Jaka gave will work as lo…

3 Ways to Send Applications via WhatsApp,

If looking for a way to send applications via Bluetooth but it's too complicated? Quiet! you can really send an app on WhatsApp as an alternative, gang. Not only functions to exchange messages, video calls, telephone, or send photos, the WhatsApp application also seems to provide facilities for users to send Android applications with the .APK format . Curious to know how to send applications via WhatsApp ? Come on, see the complete our article below!
How to send applications via WhatsAppEquipped with a variety of interesting features and facilities, the WhatsApp application is very useful to support the needs of everyday users. In fact, because of this interesting application, many other developers are also trying to develop the WhatsApp mod application by favoring features that cannot be found in the official application. Well, for those of you who are looking for ways to send applications via the WhatsApp application, you can follow a number of ways that Jaka has prepared below.